The beginnings of Hirsch date back to 1892 when a painting company was founded in Linz, Austria that was to become a multigenerational company with a Europe-wide reach. In time the company gained recognition for the quality of its services, developing and extending the scope of the works offered. The firm collapsed during World War II but returned to the market directly afterwards in 1945. This spurred a period of undisturbed expansion. The new headquarters were built in 1971 and further upgraded in subsequent years. In 1994 the first branch of Malerwerkstätte Otto Hirsch abroad was founded in the Czech Republic and two years later another one – in Poland. 
The Polish branch with its seat in Jelenia Góra, led by Mr. Jacek Urbańczyk, was officially legally established on 14 December 1996. The painters’ baptism of fire was the first project carried out by the company was the construction of the M-1 in Czeladź, which concluded the first year of activity on a no-fault handover note. The number of finished sites has constantly risen every year, now reaching a few dozen or so annually. This continuous expansion of the company’s Polish branch required the introduction of organizational changes.
Within that process, independent companies were founded in three cities – Warsaw, Wrocław and Katowice, employing over 200 workers. We offer professional high quality services in the fields of painting, facades, concrete protection, renovation and interiors’ expansion for large projects like shopping malls, hotels and production plants and individual clients alike. We accompany our clients in carrying out international projects in all countries, striving to offer the same high quality and prices using local contractors.
We guarantee the highest quality, reliability, sticking to the deadlines, impeccable organization, selection of materials and logistics. The experience and dedication of our employees, qualified to support you and your company with concrete solutions to tackle any challenge, will see to the professional conclusion of the entire building process. What sets us apart is our creative approach to forms and colors, innovative painting and design techniques, personal consultation and smooth execution from the offer made to a cleaned up facility. 
The systematic expansion continues towards the goal of establishing independent companies covering every region of the country executing a full range of orders through skilled personnel. The projects carried out will, through their high quality, make the company a household name among fit out companies.
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